For Aalto VSTi by Madrona Labs

It was a great fun do this soundset because Aalto is a unpredictable and powerful instrument.

Sometimes I was having in mind one concrete sound, but patching one cable to the wrong place have unexpected and surprising effects!

Due to the architecture of this synth I decided to do a section of Machines and a section of Sounds, these to sections are very random and unpredictable.

The section of Percussions is full of Buchla like sounds, very innovative drums here.

This soundset have my personal revolutionary taste, I use this sounds in my music and sound designs.

The soundset contains 83 patches with machines, random sounds, percussions and keyboads.

It is divided un four sections:
Machines with 20 patches.
Sounds with 27 patches.
Percussions with 19 patches.
Keys with 17 patches.

Please let me know if I have things to improve or change or simply ask some question.


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